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Innovations make the world ever fresh. In each and every field innovations are made from time to time. Sports and games are also not an exception. At times, sports and games have been subject to variations, modifications and innovations. These changes may take place either with respect to rules and regulations or the pattern of the games, Cricket has occupied a prominent position in the hearts of sports fans. Cricket has undergone various modifications. Test match into limited over match of 60 overs, then to 50 overs match and recently 20 over match in quite popular among the cricket fans world over.

Most recently roller Skating cricket has been introduced and has been getting its momentum among the children, In this games, the players play cricket with roller skating, roller Skating cricket is little varied game from regular cricket game. Roller Skating cricket is played between two teams of 8 main players and two substitute. Each team has to play for 15 overs. The team which scores more runs wins the game. The time limit for each innings is maximum of 60 minutes. The match referee is at his discretion, play grant 10 runs to the batting team in the event of innings prolonged by bowling team more than 60 minutes. These 10 runs would be granted for every 5 additional minutes. The bowling team may also be penalised by disqualification to the match as decided by the match referee.

An innings will be played with a 3 minutes break after 7 overs of each team. In between two innings there will be a break of 10 minutes. Teams may be classified into five different age groups . Under 11, Under 14, Under 17, Under 19 and senior.


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